Entry: What is a donor antenna? Feb 13, 2017

The "DONOR" antenna is conventionally mounted on the roof, or a side of the structure, where a clear line-of-optical discernment path subsists to the distant radio tower. The distant site is withal penned as the "Donor".

This is a two-way interface

-the DOWNLINK" is the RF signal direction going INTO the structure.

-the "UPLINK" is the RF signal being sent back OUT of the structure.


The Donor Antenna (outside antenna) is crucial to obtaining the maximum signal and coverage for your repeater system. Typical antennas for our CS and SR series systems are the directional Yagi (6 element- 800MHz) and Grid (1900MHz). The DA series utilizes a Dual Band (800-1900MHz) Omni-Directional antenna. The radiating pattern converse with the gain of the antenna. The higher the gain, the more the antenna can reach out to receive a better signal. In most cases, the 6 element Yagi will do an excellent job of receiving the signal. In low signal areas, the 12 element Yagi may be needed to receive enough signals to supply to the repeater system. Please note that the Yagi antennas are for the 800MHz Cellular and 800MHz Nextel systems only. These Yagi antennas cannot receive 1900MHz signals

The 1900MHz Grid antenna is standard on our CS and SR series repeater systems. The Grid antenna is astronomically high gain and consequently has a highly-directional radiating pattern. The higher gain avails to increment signal for problematic 1900MHz frequencies.

Omni-directional antennas are the most facile to installsince there is no "pointing" of the antenna. They receive and transmit in a 360-degree pattern. However, there are two drawbacks to omnidirectional antennas. First, they have lower gain and hence diminished capability to reach out for a more impotent signal. Second, by having a circular pattern they may interfere with the inside antenna if their signal overlaps. Minimum disunion of omnidirectional antennas (or isolation) is required. Another possibility is to dissever the antennas with a signal blocking surface (such as metal, concrete, tile roof, etc.)

This is the Donor antenna utilized in the DA series repeater system.


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